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Located in the Midtown Village neighborhood of Center City, Philadelphia, Libertine is Derek Davis’s newest contribution to Philly’s dynamic food scene, and celebrates the history and future of our great city. Chic and sophisticated, the indoor dining and bar area — along with seasonal outdoor seating that runs along the entire length of the property at 13th and Spruce Streets.

The restaurant opened in June of 2018 in Philadelphia's “Gayborhood.” Chef Davis’ progressive American menu, which is planned seasonally around what is available and freshest at the markets, is complimented by scratch specialty craft cocktails from the bar, 20 wines by the glass, and a variety of locally brewed craft beers.

A perfect spot for happy hour, as well as pre-theater dining, Libertine offers valet parking, dog-friendly alfresco seating, just steps from Philadelphia’s Theater District. Its location, which is situated just a short block from the Kimmel Center, the Academy of Music, the Merriam, Wilma, Forrest, and Walnut Street Theatres, is the perfect dining destination for a night out in Center City.

Chef Davis offers many of his specialties on the dinner menu, including what James Beard Award-winning food critic Craig LaBan referred to as one of the best burgers in Philly. Libertine also features Davis' three decade-old "Secret Chicken 2.0," fresh pastas, steak, pastrami sliders, inventive desserts and much more.

Whether you live in Center City or taking in the opera, orchestra, ballet, a sporting event or just  a night out at one of Philly's best restaurants, Libertine is a perfect spot for a date or for private party dining. It is easily one of the best new restaurants in Philadelphia, and features a beautiful wine bar and late-night happy hour offerings. Libertine also offers private parties for all of your dining needs, including rehearsal dinners, birthday parties and graduation events, anniversary celebrations and more.

During brunch, which is served Saturday and Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., Libertine features  homemade bagels, waffles & ice cream, and a number of brunch favorites.

“Good Eating, Drinking and Fine Hospitality” is served every night of the week, as well as during brunch hours on the weekends. Join us and dine with a “Best of Philly” chef in one of the most beautiful restaurants in The City of Brotherly Love!

Libertine Restaurant
261 South 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107


Tuesday through Saturday 5pm to 10pm

Saturday & Sunday 10:30am - 2:30pm

Bar hours
4pm - ?

"I use my creativity and fresh, local ingredients. I don’t follow set trends, I continually freshen up the menu and evolve."
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"Wine is circumstantial…its not necessarily the label, but who you are with and where you are."
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"Mother Nature has always dictated what I cook."
SECOND Quote Author
"The most expensive bottle [of wine] isn’t necessarily the best bottle."
SECOND Quote Author
"The most successful people are those who get up and do what they want."
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Derek’s Philadelphia Story….

I’m about as “Philadelphia” as they come! I was born at Pennsylvania Hospital and have lived and worked in Philly for most of my life. It’s only fitting that now I find myself at this beautiful landmark building just blocks away from where I started. The “Parker Spruce Hotel” has a 100 year history and is as Philadelphia as I am. As a child my father would take me on Tuesday nights to the “Camac Health Club” [now known as the 12th St. Gym] and then for waffles and ice cream to the “Havey House.” Special occasions would be at “Mitchell’s Steak House” and H.A. Winston’s. We would ride the Broad Street Subway to see the Flyer’s, then known as “The Broad Street Bullies” at The Spectrum and The Phil’s at The Vet.

Sure we ate our share of cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and water ice [pronounced “wooder ice”] and spent summer weekends going “down the shore.” On the way home from the beach we would stop at our cousin’s house in Marlton, New Jersey and run through the orchards throwing peaches and apples at each other. The first things I ever learned in the kitchen were making chopped chicken livers with my grandmother and cleaning hard-shell crabs in the kitchen sink with my father. We grew up having smoked fish and hot bagels on Sunday morning. In in our house we woke up to the aroma of bacon- a special treat just a couple of times a year.

The first family meal I prepared, at 9 years old, was broiled hot dogs with garlic salt and Accent sprinkled on them. I was amazed how with just a bit of seasoning and a lot of heat one could entirely change the flavor and texture of such a simple, common food. That was when I knew I was hooked on food.

I love all foods and cuisines, especially those I grew up with. We all have flavor memories that go back to our family tables and those memories are ones that have no competition. I always plan meals not around what I want to serve, but around what is available at the markets, freshest and most seasonal. Not meant to be insulting, but this trend of “Farm to Table” to me is just nonsense. It has always been like that for me! Of course one cooked what was local and most seasonal, and one should not be looking for a pat on the back for doing what is right! Right? Frankly I don’t even want to eat any other way and neither should you.

I will continue to serve what is the most local, the freshest, the most seasonal and make it known as Philadelphia cuisine. I’ve got it bad for gastronomy, and I encourage you to share that with me. Libertine celebrates the history of our city and its future. It embodies the grittiness of its denizens and the pride I have in my town. More importantly Libertine is “Good eating, drinking and Fine Hospitality!” Join me for the celebration!

Photography by: Mimi Janosy

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261 South 13th Street
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